Our Honey

  • Spring Wildflower Honey

    • This honey is light and sweet. It's made from local wildflowers, namely vetch and poison oak.​

  • Fall Wildflower Honey

    • This honey is dark and rich. It's made from local wildflowers​.

  • Lavender Honey

    • This is lavender infused honey.​

  • Buckwheat Honey

    • This is dark, rich honey not unlike molasses​.

  • Star-thistle Honey

    • This honey is light and fruity. ​

  • Flavored Honey Stix

    • Clover, Coffee Blossom, Orange Blossom, Blackberry Blossom, Sour Cherry, Sour Apple, Chocolate, Habanero​, Cinnamon, Black Licorice, Mint, and Lemon.

Organic Fruit

We partner with local farms to bring you fresh, organic, seasonal fruits and berries.

Fresh Baked Goods

We stock homemade baked goods, baked fresh weekly by mother and daughter, just like Grandma taught them.

Weekly offerings include: Pies, tarts, brownies, lemon bars, cookies, cakes, seasonal favorites, etc... Special requests are encouraged and always given priority.