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"Indulge in the sweet essence of nature with our orange blossom raw honey. Harvested from the delicate blossoms of orange groves, this golden elixir captivates with its floral aroma and luscious taste. Perfect for adding a touch of sunshine to your favorite dishes or simply savoring spoonful by spoonful."

Orange Blossom Raw Honey

  • Unopened and Unused Items:

    • Food items are only eligible for return if they are unopened, unused, and still within their expiration date.
    • This ensures that the product remains in its original, sealed condition.
    • Defective or Damaged Items:

      • If a food product is defective or arrives damaged, We will accept returns or offer replacements.
      • Customers will need to provide proof of the damage, such as photographs or a description of the issue.
    • Incorrect Items Received:

      • If the customer receives the wrong food product, the Honey House will return or send the correct item at no additional cost.
    • Allergen or Health Concerns:

      • The Honey House accepts returns if the customer has a legitimate health concern or allergy related to the food product.
      • Customers will need to provide documentation or details about the specific health issue.
    • Refund or Exchange:

      • Customers will be offered a refund, store credit, or an exchange for the returned food product.
    • Return Window:

      • Returns are only eligible 30 days from the purchase date. 
    • Packaging Requirements:

      • Returned food items need to be in their original packaging, including labels and seals.
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